Trying to describe the indescribable!

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I think I am about to write a love letter. My first one ever I think.
Or at least the one that matters the most to me.
But that’s also a thing about love – it lets your creativity freak out inside your brain and simultaneously jerk off some crazy ideas and thoughts, when you feel like you are with the right person.

So here we go:

My dear reason to not being able to think straight and entirely daydream through my days.. This one goes out to you.
The first sentense of it might sound a little rough, but go on reading and you will understand how to take my words, okay?

I don’t actually need you to survive, cause I’m good on my own.
But in comparison to my days before we met, I seriously want to need you. Just to know you are there makes everything seem so light and easy… For real! Even though the world is still the same, somehow I got a superpower with you by my side. I feel „more powerful than two cleopartas“, that’s a true thing.

I always felt like a whole piece without any missing part, cause I’m naturally quite confident about myself.
But in comparison to the way this whole piece felt like before we met, I am nothing less than freely choosing you to be part of it. Something like a big layer of sunflowers, rainbows and fluffy easterbunnies! Hehe.. You make me shine so much more brighter than before – that’s so amazingly awesome!

For a long period of time I thought I am the type of person who is pretty unhandy with all the relationship-hanging-out-so-much-situation and the belonging-to-somebody-thing. I was sure I needed my silence and my space to be alone, I always had to claim that very strongly, cause I became tired of that kind of stuff so easily.
But well, that’s a big load of bullshit, as I found out recently! The problem wasn’t me, actually. It only happened, cause I didn’t have my dear soultwin around and that’s why it kinda sucked, being with somebody else. It just wasn’t you at the time.. And it couldn’t have been you. First we had to prepare and grow in different ways on different planets for a while, so that we are going to be ready to rock each other’s world in (my so beloved) present moment. The lovers in our lives had to suck at some point, so that we were able learn and then let them go.
Makes all sense now. It’s even a relief – it shows it wasn’t all for nothing.

Those buddhists better be right with their reincarnation crap, cause to me it seems like this life is gonna be way too short to have enough time for all the adventures that aren’t even planned yet, for laughing our asses off, or just for watching you while you speak… Which is always a pleasure for me to do.

I could live without you I guess.. But I just don’t fucking like to!

If somebody taught you how to fly, walking is just no option anymore.. Not sure who I’m quoting here, but it sounds like the truth to me.
Thank you a lot for making my hair look crazy from all the touchy-feely quality time we have while I refuse to fall asleep, just to not miss a minute of us being so awesome. Thanks for making me look about 20 years older every morning from the lack of sleep I get cause of that.
We are going to go on being separate bright shining whole pieces, bonded together to occupy our spirit island where no clothes or troulbemakers are allowed to disturb.


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